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Executive Briefing Released: "Avoiding an Energy Storage Crisis"

The 8 Key Competitive Advantages of Solid State Batteries

Minneapolis, MN - March 7, 2013 - If electronics manufacturers have a motto, it's probably this: Innovate or Die.

 For years, the industry's rapid rate of innovation and consumers' insatiable demand of for greater capability and convenience have driven each other in a relentless upward spiral. Products that don't meet customer expectations are quickly replaced. Companies that don't heed those expectations rapidly lose market share.

For the most part, the electronics industry has done an amazing job of maintaining a high rate of capability increase and cost reduction. From wafer size to memory density to processor speed… capacity has doubled every two to three years and will continue to do so for many more. Innovations in system design, chip packaging, wireless and other technologies are bringing additional gains.\But one domain has failed to keep pace: Energy Storage. For years, electronics manufacturers have relied on just two technologies for offline energy storage: conventional cell batteries and supercapacitors.

 But both of these technologies are decades old and hold marginal promise for further efficiency gains. Plus, they each have limitations that make them unsuitable for some applications, complicate power supply design and interfere with the latest manufacturing processes. The challenges have become so great that the authors of the latest International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors say, "power management is now the primary issue across most application segments."

Fortunately, a new energy storage technology has emerged, one which overcomes the deficiencies of chemical cell batteries and supercapacitors, and which promises to solve the electronics “energy storage crisis.” That technology is the solid state battery.
This Executive Briefing demonstrates the 8 key competitive advantages solid state batteries offer electronics manufacturers.

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About Cymbet
Cymbet Corporation is the leader in solid state energy storage technology. The company is the first to market eco-friendly rechargeable storage devices that provide embedded systems designers with new embedded energy capabilities. The company's EnerChip™ solid state batteries with integrated power management enable new concepts in energy storage application for ICs and new products for medical, sensor, RFID, industrial control, communications and portable electronic devices. Visit Cymbet online at

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