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World's First Rechargeable Solid State Battery Chips Now Available in China

Cymbet EnerChip™ battery solutions for Internet of Things and Wearable Technology

Beijing, December 3, 2013 - Cymbet Corporation announced that EnerChip™ rechargeable solid state batteries are commercially available throughout China. Cymbet EnerChip batteries are uniquely fabricated using standard semiconductor integrated circuit processes with patented construction techniques. They are available as bare die or in plastic packages and use the same surface mount technology (SMT) and reflow solder attachment as other Integrated Circuits found in electronic devices.

Cymbet Appoints Opto-Sensor as China Distributor
Cymbet Corporation announced that they are teaming with Opto-Sensor LTD (Fuchance Enterprises LTD) to represent and distribute Cymbet’s entire family of EnerChip™ Smart Solid State Batteries and power management solutions in China. Opto-Sensor was founded in 1980 offers products from leading manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Europe, and the United States. Their mission is to provide customers with the best possible service and technical expertise. Opto-Sensor has offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai and contact information is at

Cymbet EnerChip Batteries Have Many Advantages versus Legacy Storage Devices
Cymbet EnerChip batteries have many unique capabilities as compared to the legacy coin cell batteries and supercapacitors currently used for power backup or energy harvesting storage.  Cymbet EnerChip™ rechargeable solid-state smart batteries (SSB) are an innovation in energy storage and power management. Packaged as a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component, the EnerChip provides energy storage in a form factor and with a convenience not previously attainable using conventional solutions such as lithium coin cells or super capacitors.

Cymbet's EnerChip SSBs are well suited for applications where battery backup power is needed to maintain the settings of microcontroller memories, real-time-clocks and SRAM during power failures. EnerChip devices can provide back-up power ranging from a few hours to several weeks depending on the stand-by current requirements of the system. Rechargeable EnerChips are ideal storage device for Energy Harvesting-powered microelectronic systems. .Electronic product designers who need innovative rechargeable energy storage solutions utilize Cymbet EnerChip batteries that are: life-of-product, thin, eco-friendly, non-cytotoxic, electrically superior, IC compatible, and cost effective.  Cymbet EnerChip solid state batteries are commercially available in either bare die form or as standard plastic IC packaged parts. 

EnerChip Batteries are Eco-friendly, Safe to Transport and 100% Non-Cytotoxic
There are many attributes that make EnerChip eco-friendly including:

  • EnerChip devices are 1000’s of times rechargeable so they last the lifetime of the product - no batteries to change and no special disposal needed
  • Absolutely no dangerous chemicals or gasses to leak out – EnerChips are REACH compliant
  • EnerChips do not dry out and fail like batteries or supercapacitors
  • Made from non-flammable solid state materials that are completely non-combustible
  • EnerChips are RoHS tested compliant
  • EnerChips use surface mount technology and are reflow solderable.  No holders are used,

Cymbet has documented the successful results of in vivo biocompatibility feasibility studies that were conducted to evaluate the biological safety of the EnerChip™ rechargeable Solid State Battery. EnerChip bare die batteries were crushed and combined into a saline solution which was introduced into an in vivo test setting. No ill effects were recorded nor were any test article related lesions observed in this study. These excellent in vivo test results constitute the follow-on study to the July 2012 Cymbet announcement of the results of in vitro studies in which EnerChip bare die battery samples were gamma sterilized and evaluated using two in vitro test methods for cytotoxicity and the EnerChips demonstrated 100% non-cytotoxicity.

EnerChip Solutions Power Internet of Things Sensors and Wearable Technology
By 2020, Cisco, HP, IBM and many other organizations estimate there will be from 50 billion to 300 billion internet connected devices. Most of these Internet of Things devices will be extraordinarily small and in many cased unseen. There are many new microcontroller, wireless and sensor technologies that enable these small Internet of Things devices. With no cord for data or power, IoT and Wearable Tech devices must be self- powered. There are only two ways for these devices to be powered:

  • Non-rechargeable traditional battery that needs to be changed when exhausted or;
  • Rechargeable battery using ambient energy harvesting that lasts the life of the product.

Cymbet EnerChips are the ideal rechargeable battery for Energy Harvesting-powered systems that are especially cost effective when the life cycle costs of changing batteries are taken into account. Cymbet has also introduced the Cymbet Energy Processor CBC915 which performs Maximum Peak Power Tracking algorithms for high efficiency energy conversion.  Cymbet has many Energy Harvesting evaluation kits for experimentation that are listed here:

Design Tools for Embedding EnerChip Energy Storage into Devices
In order to accelerate new innovative designs, Cymbet provides many technical resources for product design teams:

For additional information on EnerChip solid state batteries, please contact Nick Chen at or  Sunray Zhaohui Liu at 

About Cymbet
Cymbet Corporation is the leader in solid state energy storage technology. The company is the first to market eco-friendly rechargeable storage devices that provide embedded systems designers with new embedded energy capabilities. The company's EnerChip™ solid state batteries with integrated power management enable new concepts in energy storage application for ICs and new products for medical, sensor, RFID, industrial control, communications and portable electronic devices. Visit Cymbet online at

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