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Cymbet Eval Kits: Software and Firmware Download Instructions

What This Application Note Covers

In order to design EnerChipTM Energy Harvesting and Power Backup applications, Cymbet has created several evaluation kits. These eval kits utilize PC-based graphical user interface software and microcontroller firmware to demonstrate various EnerChip capabilities. There are three software/firmware distributions available as of this document revision:

  • Cymbet Energy Harvesting EVAL Kit Graphical User Interface and TI eZ430-RF2500 kit firmware
  • TI LaunchPad MSP430 demonstration kit Data Logger application firmware
  • Cymbet EVAL-06 EnerChip Real Time Clock Backup PC-based Graphical User Interface
  • Cymbet EVAL-12 EnerChip RTC USB-based CBC34123, CBC34803, CBC34813 with GUI

TI Access Point and End Device Firmware upgrades

In order to use the eZ430-RF2500 kit with the Cymbet Energy Harvesting kits, new firmware must be downloaded into the eZ430-RF5200 Access point and wireless endpoint device. Cymbet has created hex files which are contained in a folder on the Cymbet EVAL Kit CD-ROM disk. You will need to access this disk directly from your PC. The folder containing these files is “GUI and TI eZ430 code. Inside this folder, open “TI Access Point End Device” and then open “Access Point - End Device HEX file”. The file “SimpliciTI Access Point.d43 is the HEX code file for the TI Wireless Access Point and “SimpliciTI End Device d.43” is for the wireless end device that connects to the Cymbet Eval Kit 6 pin right angle connector on the board edge.

In order to download these files into the TI devices, you must first download the programming tool from Elprotronic at When you reach this home page, you will see: Flash Programmers for Texas Instruments’ devices. The programming tool is the FET-Pro430 Lite version that uses TI’s FET adapters and is free. Go to Locate the Table entry for the FET-Pro430 Lite Software and download the Zip file to your PC. Open the Zip and following the programming instructions. Open Lite FET-Pro4, on top tool bar select Setup, then Connection/Device Reset. On pop-up select Spy Bi Wire, and for COM Port select USB, then click OK. On main page, select Group=430F2xx and MSP430F2274. Read the User’s Manual under About/Help for specific tool instructions. Once the firmware is downloaded into the USB-based TI devices, they are ready to be used with the Cymbet EH Eval Kits.

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