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EnerChip™ CC Li-Ion Battery Charger with Integrated Energy Storage


  • Power Manager with Charge Control
  • Capable of Charging Li-Ion Coin Cells
  • Integrated Thin Film Energy Storage
  • Built-in Energy Storage Protection
  • Temperature Compensated Charge Voltage
  • Operates Over a Wide Power Supply Range
  • Low Standby Power and Cutoff Current
  • Integrated Energy Storage: Low Self-Discharge and Thousands of Recharge Cycles Available
  • Eco-Friendly, RoHS Compliant
  • Surface Mount - Lead-Free Reflow Tolerant


  • Standby supply for non-volatile SRAM, real-time clocks, controllers, and supply supervisors.
  • Wireless sensors and RFID tags and other powered, low duty cycle applications.
  • Localized power source to keep microcontrollers and other devices alert in standby mode.
  • Power bridging to provide back-up power to the system during exchange of main batteries.
  • Consumer appliances that have real-time clocks.
  • Business and industrial systems such as network routers, point-of-sale terminals, test equipment, printers, and industrial controllers.
  • Energy Harvesting by coupling the EnerChip with energy transducers such as solar panels.


The EnerChip CC product family consists of devices having battery management circuitry and rechargeable solid state energy storage - the EnerChip - integrated in a single low profile, surface mount package.

Each device functions as a backup power source and supervisor for low power applications and has the added capability to manage the charging and discharge cutoff of Li-ion batteries such as LiR coin cells. The EnerChip CC can deliver up to 1mA charging current at 4.1V. It can charge up to 10 additional EnerChips connected in parallel.

During normal operation, the EnerChip CC derives power from the main supply (2.5V to 5.5V) that activates the internal charge pump, producing 4.1V on the VCHG pin. This voltage not only charges the internal EnerChips, but can also serve as a charging source for small rechargeable Li-ion cells. The EnerChip CC also has a discharge cutoff circuit (3.0V typical) that prevents the battery from being discharged too deeply - a condition that can destroy Li-ion cells. When the primary power supply drops below a user-defined threshold voltage, the EnerChip CC monitors this event, routes the battery voltage to VOUT, and signals the event by driving RESET/ low.

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