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Using the EnerChip™ Energy Harvesters with the TI LaunchPad


Cymbet EnerChipTM energy harvesting solutions are well suited to powering low power microcontrollers (MCUs) and radios used in wireless sensor networks, data logging, and RFID applications. Useful amounts of energy can be harvested from a variety of ambient power sources including light, vibration, temperature differentials, and electromagnetic generators activated by liquid or air flow. Cymbet has developed power management and energy storage solutions that can be used in all such environments, making routine replacement of conventional batteries unnecessary.

This application note describes how three of the Cymbet Energy harvesting EVAL kits can provide uninterrupted power to the Texas Instruments MSP430-based LaunchPad development kit. Figure 1 illustrates the Cymbet EVAL-10 EnerChip CC Solar Energy Harvesting Kit connected to the TI LaunchPad. The EVAL-10 evaluation kit from Cymbet captures ambient light (indoor or outdoor) from the solar cell, converts the power efficiently using the Enerchip power management circuit, and provides continuous regulated power to the LaunchPad.

Cymbet Energy Harvesting Kits and the Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad

Cymbet has developed a number of innovative energy harvesting power management solutions and embodied them in several development boards. Three of these EH EVAL Kits work with the LaunchPad:

  • CBC-EVAL-09: EnerChip™ EP Universal Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit
  • CBC-EVAL-10: EnerChip™ CC Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit (Figure 1)
  • CBC-EVAL-11: EnerChip™ CC Inductive Charging Evaluation Kit

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