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Operating the EnerChip in High Temperature Environments


EnerChip™ solid state rechargeable batteries are distinct from conventional rechargeable batteries. The EnerChip can be used in environments typically ill-suited for batteries and other storage devices at risk of leaking toxic and volatile solvents, catching fire, exploding in high temperature environments, or that are simply too large to fit within space-constrained enclosures. The EnerChip CC combines the EnerChip with integrated power management, for use in applications requiring backup or bridging power, or as the main power source.

Some applications demand occasional operation at temperatures above the +70°C rated specification of the EnerChip. If such temperature excursions are not properly compensated for in the system design, the result can be degraded performance or outright failure of the energy storage device. This Application Note provides information on how to mitigate the detrimental effects of high temperature operation on the EnerChip in such environments. The following topics are addressed:

  • Factors that influence the operating characteristics of EnerChips and the parameters that are affected
  • Effects of high temperature, bias voltage, and state of charge on operation and service life of EnerChips
  • Recommendations for mitigating detrimental high temperature effects on EnerChip performance
  • Configuring the EnerChip CC to offset temperature-induced effects using the integrated functions
  • Operating the EnerChip in medical sterilization and high temperature food processing environments

Dowload AN-1052 for Design Techniques and Temperature Performance Graphs

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