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Design Center

Image of Cymbet thin film battery.

Embedded Energy

EnerChip™ Bare Die Enable Embedded Energy

Cymbet EnerChip™ rechargeable solid-state energy storage devices are created using semiconductor processing techniques on silicon wafers. EnerChip devices are compatible with other semiconductor integrated circuits and passive devices and can be co-packaged together. EnerChip devices as small as 1mm x 1mm can be coupled with other ICs to create unique innovative products such as the millimeter scale solar Energy Harvesting-based sensor shown below. (The 12uAh EnerChip is the bottom layer)

Image of Cymbet EnerChip compared to a penny.

EnerChip Bare Die Attachment Mechanisms

Since EnerChip devices are produced like semiconductor devices, they are packaged in the same fashion as other ICs. EnerChip bare die lead attachment may be accomplished with either wire bond attachment as shown in the following examples.

EnerChip RTC Uses an Embedded Energy Co-Package

Given the unique structure of EnerChip devices, there are several ways to mount and attach the EnerChip bare die. The traditional method of wire bonding is what Cymbet utilizes in standard EnerChip packaged offerings as it is very reliable and cost effective. Wire bond techniques are shown in the following diagams in three configurations: Side by Side as shown in the EnerChip RTC product family, , Stacked Die in a "Wedding Cake" configuration or Stacked Die in a "Waterfall" configuration.

Image of side by side wire bond technique for Cymbet EnerChip.


Image of stacked die wire bond for Cymbet EnerChip


Image of stacked die wire bond for Cymbet EnerChip

Click here for the EnerChip Bare Die Datasheet.

EnerChip bare die may be processed with gold solder bumps on the attach pads. Bumped EnerChip bare die can then be attached in the package as shown in the following diagram. Contact Cymbet Applications Engineering for details.

Image of Cymbet EnerChip bare die attachment mechanisms.

New Embedded Energy Applications

EnerChip rechargeable solid-state energy storage devices are designed for direct integration at the chip level, or as an SMT component replacing current coin cell battery or supercapacitor products. The EnerChip can provide back-up power and energy management functions in a single co-package providing a simple “drop in power” solution with up to 8 weeks of permanent back-up power. Embedded Energy is useful in many industries:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Devices
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Hand-held Devices
  • Networking and Communications Systems
  • Security and Tamper Detection
  • Military and Aerospace

Please contact Cymbet’s Applications Team directly at for assistance with your application.

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