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Industry Solutions

Telecom and Networking 2016

Telecommunications and networking systems continue to evolve driven by several key macro trends:

  1. Ultra low power electronics – MCUs, RTCs, DSPs
  2. Smart devices in everything,
  3. Sensors everywhere for data capture and analysis,
  4. Wireless is pervasive,
  5. Miniaturization,
  6. Integration,
  7. High Reliability,
  8. Eco-friendly solutions,
  9. Renewable energy sources,
  10. Reduced life cycle costs.

In order to realize these trends in new products, designers must use new energy conversion, energy storage and power management solutions. Cymbet's EnerChip solid state batteries, integrated power management , energy harvesting electronics and energy processing solutions provide new innovative ways to create market leading products: All of the how-to details are in this animated video:


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