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Image of Cymbet Solid State Batteries

Cymbet Products

Smart Solid-State Batteries for Embedded Energy, Power Back-up and Rechargeable Power

Cymbet has a wide range of smart solid-state energy storage and energy management solutions that enable new innovative product designs.

EnerChip smart solid state batteries are very cost effective and are priced as low as $0.20 for CBC005 bare die parts in high volumes. Click here to get a quote and learn more....

The following sections will help you navigate the Cymbet Product portfolio:

CBC921 Real-Time Clock with Power Management (PMRTC)
The CBC921xx combines a real-time clock (RTC) with a backup battery charger and other power management features.

CBC921 Real-Time Clock with Power Management (PMRTC)
Image of Cymbet EnerChip Rechargeable Solid State Thin Film Battery Bare Die

Embedded Energy using EnerChip Bare Die
EnerChips can be used in bare die form for ultra-thin energy storage configurations including co-packaged with other Integrated Circuits in a single package.

EnerChip Bare Die Enable Embedded Energy
Image of Cymbet EnerChip EP CBC915 Energy Processor

EnerChip RTC Family RTC + EnerChip + PMIC in Single Package
The EnerChip RTC product family combines an ultra low power Real Time Clock with an integrated EnerChip 5uAh battery and Power Management IC integrated into a small 5mm x 5mm plastic QFN package

EnerChip RTC Product Family
Image of Cymbet EnerChip Rechargeable Solid State Thin Film Battery Evaluation Kit

Cymbet Evaluation Kits
Cymbet has a wide range of EnerChip evaluation kits for electronics designers accelerate product development schedules. These Eval Kits are available globally at our Distributors.

EnerChip and Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kits

EnerChip Solid State Batteries

Cymbet supplies solid state battery solutions delivered as bare die. Click here for detailed information.

Power Management

Cymbet provides unique ultra low power management solutions. The Cymbet PMIC CBC910 provides the battery charging, battery cut-off and power management functions for the EnerChip batteries.

Evaluation Kits

Designers can find a wide range of easy to use Cymbet EnerChip evaluation kits which are available today from our Distribution partners.

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