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Image of Cymbet Solid State Batteries

EnerChip™ CC Smart Solid State Batteries

Product Line Discontinued - Not Available for New Designs

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The EnerChip CC is the worlds first intelligent solid state energy storage device. It is an integrated solution that provides battery backup functions and power management for systems requiring power bridging and/or secondary power. A single EnerChip CC can charge up to 10 additional EnerChips connected in parallel.

The EnerChip CC product family is the CBC3150, CBC3112, and CBC3105. Each of these devices copackages the EnerChip solid state battery with Cymbet's advanced ultra low power management ASIC.

During normal operation, the EnerChip CC charges itself with a controlled voltage using and internal charge pump that operates from 2.5V to 5.5V. An Enable pin controls the charge pump in order to minimize current consumption and take advantage of the fast recharge time of the EnerChip. When the primary power supply dips below a user defined threshold voltage, the EnerChip CC will signal this event and route the stored power to Vout. The EnerChip CC also has battery protection circuitry to enable thousands of recharge cycles. The diagram below shows the EnerChip CC internal functions.

Image of EnerChip CC Functional Diagram and DFN Package

A Full Uninterruptible Power Supply in a Chip

The EnerChip™ CC is a UPS in a Chip™ device that provides backup energy storage and power management for systems requiring power bridging and/or secondary power. The EnerChip single chip UPS provides many advantages for electronics designers:

  • EnerChips last the life of the product
  • Never change a battery again
  • Bury the EnerChip anywhere on either side of a PCB
  • Surface Mount Technology supplied on Tape and Reel
  • Reflow solderable
  • Small size foot print fits anywhere
  • Only 0.9mm height
  • All Uninterruptible Power Supply electronic functions are built into the EnerChip

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