Cymbet EnerChip™ Evaluation Kits

For more information concerning Cymbet Evaluation Kits, please contact your local Cymbet Sales Representative.

Evaluation Kits:

CBC-EVAL-14 PMRTC Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits 
CBC-EVAL-14 PMRTC Evaluation Kit is a demonstration platform featuring the Cymbet CBC921

CBC-EVAL-12 EnerChip RTC Evaluation Kits 
Experiment with the world’s smallest footprint RTC with integrated rechargeable solid state battery. There are three different Eval Kits available.

Discontinued Evaluation Kits:

CBC-EVAL-10B EnerChip CC Solar Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kitis discontinued and no longer availableShown for discussion purposes.

CBC-EVAL-11 EnerChip RF Induction Charging Evaluation Kit is discontinued and no longer available.Shown for discussion purposes.

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