Cymbet has teamed with other Industry Leaders to create solutions that enable advanced power back-up, pervasive power and energy harvesting solutions.


The Cymbet Premier Design Partner (PDP) Program is composed of select Engineering Design Services firms who have been trained on Cymbet’s full line of energy storage and power management products and capabilities. These firms can assist you with many aspects of ultra-low power design, power backup and energy harvesting. Each of our PDPs have unique capabilities, market segment expertise and geographic coverage. Please contact our PDPs directly for more information.

Advanced Solutions Corporation is a team of experts from the electrical and mechanical design fields. The ASC team’s combined knowledge and experience will be a complement to your engineering needs. More information is at


BNS logoBNS Solutions is an engineering and technical marketing consulting firm specializing in embedded system, portable product and battery system development. They have produced a variety of products including evaluation and demonstration systems, smart battery systems, portable data acquisition/processing systems, embedded industrial control, PC based machine control, and more. Info at


Digi-KeyDigi-Key’s Design Support Services team exists to provide engineers with both general information resources and complimentary project-specific assistance. We produce application notes, Webinars, instructional videos, and development tools. Our team provides support services touching system design, component selection, development tools, and other pertinent design issues. We also create schematics and develop code to assist customers designing with MCUs & FPGAs. See more information at


indesignIndesign is a multi-discipline engineering design firm that provides full turnkey electronic product development to allow clients to get their new product ideas into the market quickly – starting with a product concept and finishing with a ready-to-manufacture design.  Indesign has strong capabilities in low power, embedded processing and wireless designs and has ISO certified product development process and a proven track record for on-time, on-budget, high quality product realization. See more information at www,


Mantaro logoMantaro is a turnkey product development services firm located in Germantown, MD that provides a full range of engineering services. Mantaro serves a variety of industries including Consumer, Government, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications, Test & Measurement, and Transportation. Mantaro’s services include the following: turnkey product development, digital design, analog design, RF design, embedded software design, DSP design, green design, power supply design, RFI / EMI Consulting, FPGA design and System Development services.  For more information please visit


Microlynx logoMicrolynx has been providing innovative electronics, software and wireless product development services for over 25 years. Their clients come from a wide variety of industries, and vary in size from smaller operations with limited development capabilities to multi-national companies with large research and development teams. Microlynx has extensive experience creating devices using embedded controllers and wireless communications. Specific strengths include designing low power devices, the ability to customize industry-standard technologies for client-specific applications, video processing, control systems, and narrow to wideband RF designs. For more information please visit


PDE logoPacific Design Engineering (PDE) is a full-service custom product design and development company. PDE has been providing product design services to clients throughout North America since 1988; helping them get to market quickly with winning products. including consumer electronics, commercial products, telecommunications and industrial control markets. More information is at


PDE logoSaar Associates (SAI) has specialized in rapid response to the technical needs of their customers for over 20 years. Located in Titusville, NJ the SAI team members are experts in Wireless Communications, Image Acquisition and Processing, Embedded Microcomputer Applications, Sensors, Electromechanical Design, and Battery Powered Systems. More information is at


synapseSynapse is a community of engineering innovators, fully engaged in the process of turning ideas into realities. They have developed an array of platforms for embedded systems that enable rapid combination of processors, operating systems, peripherals and human interfaces. More information is at


Technology and Ecosystem Partners

Cymbet is working with many leaders in microcontroller, wireless radio, sensors and energy harvesting markets. We have experience in designing highly efficient Energy Harvesting designs. Please contact us using the links below.


ANT has become a world leader in ultra-low power wireless networking solutions.  ANT represents the technology behind many world class products and innovative developments in the wireless sector. Cymbet has developed the EnerChip Solar Energy Harvesting EVAL-07 Evaluation Kit to power the ANT ANTDKT3 Wireless Demo Kit. Click here to get additional information.


EnOcean AllianceCymbet is pleased to be an EnOcean Alliance member. Leading companies from around the world have joined together to advance energy harvesting based building controls using self-powered wireless technology from EnOcean. Click here to get additional information.


MicrochipMicrochip Technology Inc. provides low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of eXtreme Low Power applications. From low power Analog, RF and Memory devices, to over 75 PIC® Microcontrollers featuring XLP Technology and peripherals like LCD and USB, and over 500 more that offer integration including Ethernet, Graphics and Capacitive touch sensing, our devices along with free software and tools, provide a custom fit for your energy harvesting design.


MicropeltMicropelt delivers small footprint solid state thin film thermoelectric generators for energy harvesting temperature gradients. They offer superior performance in a standard packaging concept. Micropelt’s thermogenerator chips offer a very high power density, with up to 100 leg pairs per square millimeter, and a very high output voltage of up to 1.75V per Watt of thermal input. Click here to get additional information.


SanyoMide Volture vibration energy harvesting systems and raw vibration energy harvesters provide robust, reliable and inexpensive means to harvest vibration energy for new renewable energy-based products. Ambient vibrational energy is harvested by these devices using piezoelectric materials to convert mechanical strain into useable electrical energy. Click here to get additional information.


SanyoAs a specialist semiconductor manufacturer, operations are centered on three product categories developed worldwide—Microcontroller Units (MCUs), Analog and Power Devices, and System on Chips (SoC). Anchored by the MCU Business and its world-leading market share, Renesas Electronics is stepping up marketing efforts outside Japan and in emerging markets. Click here to get additional information.


SanyoCymbet has partnered with SANYO Semiconductor who a global pioneer in developing and manufacturing amorphous silicon solar cells. The environmentally friendly Amorton line is a highly efficient solar cell for energy harvesting needs. Click here to get additional information.


Founded in 2009, Sol Chip is an energy-harvesting company that has developed a maintenance-free Everlasting Solar Battery. Sol Chip’s technology provides a platform for disruptive applications such as precision agriculture, monitoring systems and Internet of Things (IoT). Sol Chip’s innovative technology is designed to enable autonomous operation of devices and systems powered by a “plug and play” solar energy source. Sol Chip offers a new way to use solar energy captured by the solar (Photo-Voltaic) cells to power the semiconductor electronic devices, thus increasing power efficiency and system reliability, decreasing system design complexity, and reducing assembly costs. Click here to get additional information.


TI is the leading manufacturer of wireless semiconductors, delivering the foundation of today’s wireless technology and solutions and driving innovations to deliver the next generation of mobility. The Cymbet EnerChip Solar Energy Harvesting EVAL-08 Evaluation Kit is designed to power the TI eZ430-RF2500 Wireless Development Tool.


VoltreeVoltree Power focuses on innovative solutions to large-scale monitoring problems that have been too expensive to solve using available technologies. From forest fire detection and prediction, to border control and agricultural monitoring, wherever detailed sensory data are needed, Voltree’s low-power wireless mesh networks provide an answer that is cost-effective, easy to use and maintain, and environmentally responsible.

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