Cymbet Leadership

The Cymbet team has industry leading experience in battery chemistries, materials, electrochemistry, manufacturing, low power electronics, customer service and technical support. The management team – all with 25+ years of relevant industry experience – has proven experience to grow a significant company.

  • Monte Johnson – President & CEO 
    Joined Cymbet in 2010. Monte has over 35 years of business experience with private equity and publicly traded companies. He has held senior positions at a number of technology companies including General Electric, Honeywell, Dascom Systems and Ciprico.
  • James Iannucci – VP Operations –
    Joined Cymbet in 2016 with over 35 years of operations experience in electronics and the semiconductor industry. James was previously VP Operations for ams AG with prior experience at Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions and Optek Technology.
  • Dr. Steve Downey – CTO –
    Joined Cymbet in 2006 and has more than 25 years of experience related to the development and implementation of processes related to the semiconductor industry. Steve began his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory and spent 23 years at Bell Labs/Agere Systems.
  • Jeff Sather – VP Technology and Customer Solutions –
    Joined Cymbet in 2001 with over 25 years of experience in designing, developing and testing integrated circuits. Jeff prior experience includes design and process integration roles at Honeywell and LSI Corp. (now Avago).

Cymbet Board of Directors

The Cymbet Board includes members with extensive technical, operations, sales and marketing experience in semiconductors and related industries.

  • Jacob Jacobsson – Board Chair
    Joined Cymbet Board in 2013 and has over 35 years of experience in the systems and semiconductor industries. Currently serves as Board chair at Safello Inc. and ATS Inc. and as a board member for: ams AG (Austria), and RFMicron Inc. Jacob was President and CEO of: Blaze DFM Inc., Forte Design Systems, and SCS Corp.
  • Mike Bartlett
    Joined Cymbet Board in 2005, and has over 30 years of experience in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Mike currently serves as President of Vital Art and Science, and was a VP at Texas Instruments where he brought many new products to market.
  • Carlo Strippoli 
    Joined Cymbet Board in 2013, and has over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Carlo was previously a senior executive in Sales and Marketing at ams AG (Austria), AMS-Taos USA and Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, and 25 years at Texas Instruments and currently serves on the board of RFMicron (Axzon).
  • Dan Auton 
    Joined Cymbet Board in 2016, and has over 30 years of experience in semiconductors, hardware and intellectual property. Dan is currently assisting several emerging companies such as iPosi and AdvancedTelesensors. He began his career at Intel including design and applications engineering roles, and also worked at Cyrix (National Semiconductor), Parthus, NXP Semiconductor and ams-TAOS USA.
  • Monte Johnson 
    Joined Cymbet Board in 2015 concurrent with becoming CEO.

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