Combines 35nA RTC with Solid State Battery and PMIC in Tiny Package

Minneapolis, March 17, 2014 -Cymbet Corporation announced the commercial release of the EnerChip™ RTC product family that combines an ultra-low power Real Time Clock with a rechargeable solid state battery and power management IC in a single 5mm x 5mm plastic package.  The EnerChip RTC is the world’s smallest RTC with integrated power holdover.  This is accomplished by integrating bare die RTC, EnerChip battery and PMIC devices into a tiny single package that uses Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and reflow solder processes.  EnerChip RTCs power usage range from 35nA to 125nA depending on clocking mode and can be configured to provide up to 120 hours of RTC power back-up per charge with thousands of recharge cycles.  The EnerChip RTC is an ideal replacement for bulky and troublesome coin cell batteries and supercapacitors.

“The life-of-product EnerChip RTC enables our customers create new product designs and form factors,” said Bill Priesmeyer, Cymbet President and CEO. “Placing an ultra-low power EnerChip RTC in a tiny space anywhere on the board drives innovative products, increases quality and lowers warranty costs.”

The first three devices in the EnerChip RTC product family are:

  • CBC34123 that combines an NXP RTC with the EnerChip and PMIC for 30 hours power holdover and supports SPI-bus.
  • CBC34803 that that combines an Ambiq RTC with the EnerChip and PMIC for 120 hours power holdover and supports I2C-bus
  • CBC34813 that that combines an Ambiq RTC with the EnerChip and PMIC for 120 hours power holdover and supports SPI-bus

The various EnerChip RTC configurations support: Alarm and timer functions, General Purpose Outputs, XT Oscillator, 64 bytes battery backed-up RAM, Calibration/Auto-calibration, RC Oscillator only, Watchdog, External Interrupts, a VBAT switch, and on-chip battery charge control with power management.

Additionally, each EnerChip RTC device has a CBC-EVAL-12 evaluation kit that utilizes a USB interface with the EnerChip RTC on a small removable tab board and a PC-based Graphical User Interface that provides full register read/write access on the EnerChip RTC.

The EnerChip RTC product family page is for datasheets, application notes, RTC evaluation kits, RTC interface code examples and support.

EnerChip RTC Samples Are Available Through Cymbet’s Global Distributors 
EnerChip RTC devices along with Cymbet’s EnerChip battery packaged parts and bare die, EnerChip CC batteries with integrated charge control and power management, and Energy Harvesting evaluation kits are available through all of Cymbet’s Global Distributors:

  • North America – Digi-Key, Future Electronics, Micross, Mouser
  • Europe – Aptech, Atlantik Elektronik, BT2000
  • Asia Pacific – Seamax Electronics
  • China and Taiwan – Opto-Sensor
  • Japan – Avnet-Internix, Global Electronics, Hakuto, Marubeni Systems
  • Korea – Gencore, I&C Micro

Cymbet Sales Office and Distributor contact information is here:

About Cymbet 
Cymbet Corporation is the leader in solid state energy storage technology. The company is the first to market eco-friendly rechargeable storage devices that provide embedded systems designers with new embedded energy capabilities. The company’s EnerChip™ solid state batteries with integrated power management enable new concepts in energy storage application for ICs and new products for medical, sensor, RFID, industrial control, communications and portable electronic devices. Visit Cymbet online at

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