Minneapolis, August 23, 2012 – Cymbet Corporation announced the world’s first all solid state device that integrates a Real Time Clock chip, EnerChip™ solid state rechargeable battery, and power management integrated circuit (PMIC) in a tiny single chip plastic package. Combining bare die devices into the world’s smallest footprint solution, EnerChip™ RTCs are low cost, space efficient, low profile, and utilize fewer components than legacy solutions. Electronic product designers can now implement time keeping/alerting functions with integrated power holdover and their customers will never have to change a dead backup battery over the life of the products.

“We are excited that Cymbet chose our NXP line of ultra-low power Real Time Clock devices to integrate into the EnerChip RTC products, “ said NXP Spokesman Grahame Cooney, General Manager Product Line Clocks, Watches and Graphic Drivers. “Co-packaging our advanced RTC device in bare die form with the EnerChip bare die battery delivers an innovative product that was not possible previously.”

The EnerChip™ RTC CBC34123 combines a bare die NXP PCF2123 ultra low power SPI bus RTC with a Cymbet EnerChip bare die 5uAh rechargeable solid state battery and a bare die Cymbet CBC910 PMIC in a 5 mm x 5 mm x 1.4 mm 16-pin QFN plastic package that provides 30 hours of  power backup per charge. The second device is the CBC34523, which combines the NXP PCF8523 I2C bus RTC with an EnerChip and PMIC. EnerChip RTC datasheets are here:  https://www.cymbet.com/products/enerchip-rtc/

“Our customers have asked for an ultra low power RTC with integrated power back-up and the new EnerChip RTC devices deliver a rich set of features in a tiny package,” said Bill Priesmeyer Cymbet CEO.   “These new EnerChip RTC devices represent another step forward in our Embedded Energy product roadmap that started with the introduction of the EnerChip CC product family. “

EnerChip RTCs and are an excellent solution for systems that need to keep time during main power interruptions in applications such as industrial controls, medical devices, appliances, consumer electronics, security systems, energy controls and networking equipment. EnerChip RTCs can be recharged more than 5000 times, ship on tape and reel, use automated surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, and are reflow solderable.  EnerChip RTC devices are compliant with all RoHS, REACH, and UN Air Safety Transportation regulations.

An EnerChip RTC can be placed anywhere on a board, and requires no end-user access for battery replacement. Products can now be designed without battery access doors that tend to cause problems, ruin design aesthetics and increase warranty costs. Samples of both EnerChip RTC devices will be available 4Q2012 and will be stocked at Cymbet’s global distributors.

Evaluate EnerChip Real Time Clock Backup Designs Today
Cymbet has several tools available now that allow designers to test the combination of NXP Real Time Clocks and EnerChip Solid State Batteries:

  • CBC-EVAL-06 Real-Time-Clock Evaluation Kit: includes a Microcrystal RV-2123 Real-Time Clock device and an EnerChip CC CBC3112 for battery backup. This kit also includes a Windows based Graphical User Interface to set the clock & test RTC operation in backup and count-down modes. An EVAL-06 demonstration video is here: https://www.cymbet.com/design-center/rtc-backup/

About Cymbet 
Cymbet Corporation is the leader in solid state energy storage technology. The company is the first to market eco-friendly rechargeable storage devices that provide embedded systems designers with new embedded energy capabilities. The company’s EnerChip™ solid state batteries with integrated power management enable new concepts in energy storage application for ICs and new products for medical, sensor, RFID, industrial control, communications and portable electronic devices. Visit Cymbet online at http://www.cymbet.com

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