Solid State Energy Storage for Embedded Energy, Power Backup and Energy Harvesting

Cymbet EnerChip™ thin film rechargeable solid state smart batteries (SSB) are an innovation in energy storage and power management. Packaged as a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component, the EnerChip™ provides energy storage in a form factor and with a convenience not previously attainable using conventional solutions such as lithium coin cells or super capacitors. Cymbet’s EnerChip™ SSBs are well suited for applications where battery backup power is needed to maintain the settings of microcontroller memories, real-time-clocks and SRAM during power loss or power failures. EnerChip™ devices can provide back-up power ranging from a few hours to several weeks depending on the stand-by current requirements of the system. Rechargeable EnerChips are ideal storage device for Energy Harvesting-powered microelectronic systems. .

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EnerChips are more than 10x smaller than nonrechargeable coin cell batteries

The size of an EnerChip CBC3150 is 0.073 cubic centimeters as compared to a 2032 Li-ion coin cell which is 1.04 cubic centimeters. The EnerChip small physical footprint enables many new possibilities for battery placement in a product. Since the EnerChip uses SMT assembly and reflow solder, it is easy to place on the front or back of any PCB surface. Note that EnerChips used in bare die form are 100x smaller than coin cells and can be placed directly inside Multi Chip Modules or Systems on Chip.

EnerChips last 3x longer than conventional coin cell batteries

EnerChips are designed to be used for the life of the device. Many non-rechargeable and rechargeable coin cells exhaust after only a few years and need to be replaced. EnerChips are permanently attached with the other IC components on a printed circuit board or flexible substrate. When used as specified, EnerChips will function throughout the useful life of the product.

12 reasons why EnerChips are less expensive to use than conventional coin cell batteries or supercapacitors

  1. Small EnerChip footprint uses less board space and is very thin. Products can be made smaller and thinner which saves money and are more attractive to end-user customers.
  2. EnerChips can be placed on either side of printed circuit board and can be mounted in tight spaces.
  3. EnerChips are delivered on tape and reel and use the least expensive Surface Mount Technology and reflow solder assembly processes.
  4. EnerChips do not require any holders or hand assembly/insertion like batteries.
  5. EnerChips do not become loose or fall off the PCB like coin cells might. This significantly reduces end-user customer dissatisfaction and product warranty costs.
  6. Since EnerChips are permanent, there is no battery access door or compartment required. This saves money in product design and increases product reliability. Users do not need access to the internal components of the product.
  7. EnerChips are RoHS tested compliant which decreases product-level RoHS compliance testing.
  8. EnerChips have a very low leakage and do not waste the energy of Supercapacitors which have higher leakage.
  9. EnerChips are completely safe and compliant with all international requirements for Air Transport. This insures products can be shipped using the most cost effective and expedient methods.
  10. Given EnerChips are RoHS compliant, end-of-life product disposal should be with the other RoHS devices on the board as per WEEE directives. There are no costly special disposal handling procedures.
  11. EnerChips are in stock and readily available at Distributors around the world. Cost saving supply chain procedures can be implemented.
  12. EnerChips are produced in two geographically diverse manufacturing sites which insures product availability and no supply chain interruptions.

EnerChip Solid State Batteries are Fabricated and Packaged like other Integrated Circuits

EnerChips are the first batteries to be produced using semiconductor fabrication materials, tools and processes. EnerChips are made on silicon wafers and handled like other integrated circuits. The EnerChip bare die can use wire bond or solder bump attach mechanisms. Some Cymbet customers use bare die directly, while many customers use the plastic packaged part. EnerChips are packaged either as DFN or QFN packages shipped on tape and reel, and utilize Surface Mount Technology with Reflow Solder assembly. Automated manufacturing and test processes make EnerChips easy and cost effective to use in high volume designs.

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