EnerChip™ CBC050-M8C

Product Discontinued – Not Available for New Designs

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The EnerChip™ CBC050 is a surface-mount, solid state, rechargeable energy storage device rated for 50µAh at 3.8V. It is ideal as a localized, onboard power source for SRAMs, real-time clocks and microcontrollers which require standby power to retain time or data. It is also suitable for RFID tags, smart sensors, and remote applications which require a miniature, low-cost, and rugged power source. For many applications, the CBC050 is a superior alternative to coin cell batteries and supercapacitors.

Because of their solid state design, EnerChip™ storage devices are able to withstand solder reflow temperatures and can be processed in highvolume manufacturing lines similar to conventional semiconductor devices. There are no harmful gases, liquids or special handling procedures, in contrast to traditional rechargeable batteries.

The EnerChip recharge is fast and simple, with a direct connection to a 4.1V voltage source and no current limiting components. Recharge time is 20 minutes to 80% capacity. Robust design offers thousands of charge/discharge cycles. The CBC050 is packaged in an 8 mm x 8 mm quad flat package. It is available in reels for use with automatic insertion equipment.


  • All Solid State Construction
  • SMT Package and Process
  • Lead-Free Reflow Tolerant
  • Thousands of Recharge Cycles
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Eco-Friendly, RoHS Compliant

Physical Properties

Package size: 8 mm x 8 mm
Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to 125°C

Electrical Properties

Output voltage: 3.8V
Capacity (typical): 50µAh
Charging source: 4.00V to 4.15V
Recharge time to 80%: 20 minutes
Charge/Discharge cycles: >5000 to 10% DOD


  • Standby supply for non-volatile SRAM, real-time
    clocks, controllers, supply supervisors, and other
    system-critical components.
  • Wireless sensors and RFID tags and other
    powered, low duty cycle applications.
  • Localized power source to keep microcontrollers
    and other devices alert in standby mode.
  • Power bridging to provide backup power to
    system during exchange of main batteries.
  • Energy Harvesting by coupling the EnerChip
    with energy transducers such as solar panels.
  • Embedded Energy where bare die can be
    embedded into modules or co-packaged with
    other ICs.

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