Intermec RFID Reader

Intermec designed a new compact cost-effective network reader that supports diverse RFID applications. The IF2 RFID Network Reader supports both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point.  The IF2 shown at left is permanently mounted and is intended to work maintenance-free for many years.  The Intermec engineering team required a Real Time Clock and MCU power backup device that would last the life of the product – no battery change-out – so they integrated the EnerChip™ CBC3150.

Intermec RFID Case Study PDF document

IPV6 Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensor Router

Video of EH-based IPV6 Wireless Sensor in Action

Intra Ocular Pressure Sensor for Glaucoma Patients

Millimeter Scale Wireless Sensor Case Study

New innovative millimeter scale products are now a reality using an EnerChip solid state smart battery for energy conversion, energy storage and power management

Industrial Controls MCU/Real Time Clock Power Backup

This industrial Process Controls Company needed to provide power holdover for an MSP430 microcontroller real time clock in the event of primary power failure. This case study details the customer’s design requirements and shows the power backup solution schematic that uses the EnerChip CC CBC3150.

Case Study for Tiny Footprint Long Duration Power Backup Design

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