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Powering Wearable Technologies and the Internet of Everything

Imagine a world where everything is smart and connected. A world where every product – from washing machines to light switches, pacemakers to hospital gowns, wristwatches to running shoes – can provide useful data that make our lives better and easier… Where thousands of wireless sensors networks help optimize crop planting and irrigation, monitor avalanche and forest fire conditions, regulate city water systems and automobile traffic.

Non-Cytotoxic Rechargeable Batteries for Medical Devices

Small medical sensors and surgical instruments are rapidly becoming intelligent and therefore they must be powered – often using miniature rechargeable batteries. Integrated batteries must have several key properties in order to insure safe operation and protect patient health. New solid state batteries have been introduced that are uniquely fabricated using standard semiconductor manufacturing processes and packaging techniques.

Executive Briefing: Avoiding an Energy Storage Crisis

For years, electronics manufacturers have relied on just two technologies for offline energy storage: conventional cell batteries and supercapacitors. But both of these technologies are decades old and hold marginal promise for further efficiency gains. Plus, they each have limitations that make them unsuitable for some applications, complicate power supply design and interfere with the latest manufacturing processes. This Executive Briefing highlights the 8 key competitive advantages of Solid State Batteries.

Zero Power Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors are becoming increasingly integrated and miniaturized. One obstacle facing sensor designers is the lack of size and profile improvement in batteries and other energy storage devices that maintain sufficient capacity to deliver the necessary power and energy. This White Paper describes how new thin film battery technologies solve this problem. Also learn how to create permanent power Energy Harvesting devices using solar and other types of transducers.

Embedded Energy Storage for On-Chip Power

With the advent of solid state energy storage devices, it is now possible to place battery capabilities directly inside a chip co-packaged with other Integrated Circuits. This paper describes the technology and techniques required to accomplish Embedded Energy. New applications that are enabled via integrated EnerChip™ storage devices are detailed.

Pervasive Power: Integrated Energy Storage for POL Delivery

This paper presents three new important topics: Pervasive Power, the Power Grid Hierarchy and Point of Load Energy Storage. These new concepts are converging at the chip level in the areas of energy conversion, energy storage and power management. New innovative architectures are discussed that use Cymbet EnerChip rechargeable energy storage devices and EnerChip Energy Processors.

Powering Millimeter Scale Computers

Powering the billions of tiny “Internet of Things” wireless sensors are deployed over the next decade will demand new, innovative and cost effective power generation, energy storage and power management solutions. This paper describes how Cymbet EnerChips and advanced power management solutions can be used to implement millimeter scale computing devices.

Design Advantages of Solid State Batteries vs. Supercapacitors

This paper details the important differences between Rechargeable Solid State Battery technology and legacy Supercapacitor technology. 12 key advantages are discussed. Comparison data graphs for energy storage device footprint size and normalized costs are presented. Design information on how to leverage the unique attributes of EnerChip bare die batteries in multi-chip chip scale designs is also provided.

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