Press brakes are an important resource for punching holes fast.

What first comes to mind is punching a line of holes using UniPunch tooling on a strip template in a bed rail in a press brake.

Remember that for recurring jobs UniPunch tooling can stay assembled on the bed rail and the whole assembly removed from the press and put on a rack for when that hole pattern is needed next.

For pictures and drawings of other ways to mount UniPunch tooling visit the Mounting Methods page in the UniPunch


You can use your press brake for punching a prototype run of parts.

Consider using the UniPunch unispacer method for punching prototypes. Unispacers are mounted in a bed rail, and if the hole spacing changes, you

can simply loosen the hold down bolts and reposition the unispacers to accommodate the new hole pattern.
For staggered hole patterns use the slotted side (not illustrated) of the unispacer.

For information on other UniPunch mounting accessories such as gauging equipment and bed rails